How hemp drops work optimally

In the context of CBD drops, the term "bioavailability" keeps coming up.

It refers to the amount of CBD that the body can absorb from a CBD product and effectively metabolize.

Bioavailability HELLO MOJO

Bioavailability: what exactly does that mean?

Bioavailability describes how well a substance can be utilized by the body. The greater the bioavailability, the more efficiently the substance acts on the organism.

The intake forms of CBD are diverse. If you consume oil-based CBD drops, your body absorbs the active ingredient gradually. This leads to a long-lasting effect - the CBD is bioavailable well and for a long time.

If you vaporize or smoke CBD flowers, the inhaled CBD enters the bloodstream very quickly via the lungs. It distributes rapidly throughout the body and works very fast, but not as long term as oily hemp drops.

Eating raw, dried flowers or taking synthetic CBD oil, on the other hand, brings a much lower yield. Here, the body can absorb only a little of the active ingredient and the effect does not last long.

CBD oil has the highest bioavailability in this sense.

Hemp oil - perfect for CBD

Anyone who takes CBD obviously wants a maximum amount to actually reach the body. At the many spots in the body that have cannabis receptors, the CBD should be effectively absorbed and unfold its effect.

Until now, there has been much discussion about how this bioavailability of CBD is best achieved. Is it better to take pure CBD? Or does it work more effectively when the active ingredient is dissolved in a liquid?

Researchers have now found that natural plant oil is an ideal base for CBD. Their study shows that CBD dissolved in vegetable oil is very well absorbed by the human body.

The study used natural sesame oil, which naturally contains large amounts of oleic and linoleic acids.

Therefore, the research results apply even more to hemp oil: it contains significantly higher amounts of naturally bound oleic and linoleic acid than sesame oil. Hemp oil is therefore the perfect carrier substance for CBD drops!

MOJO CBD consists of full-spectrum CBD dissolved in natural hemp oil. So you can expect optimal bioavailability from it :)