Magical Mojo?

In the mystical tradition of hoodoo folk magic, popular in the rural regions of the southern United States, mojo describes a bag filled with magical herbs to bring good luck.

Mojo CBD - it's almost magic!

At Mojo CBD, we don't believe in supernatural amulets and mysterious sorcery. Our CBD drops do not involve any magic at all, because the natural ingredients of our cannabis extract don't require any abracadabra to provide our customers with the highest level of well-being.

Quality does not
have to be priceless.

We have made it our goal to offer our high-quality product at the best possible price. After all, cannabidiol should not be reserved for those who can afford a luxury product.

Buy CBD Oil at the best price.

During the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of the cannabis plants, we pay great attention to absolute precision. Gentle and efficient extraction, optimized workflows, short transport routes, and minimal storage times allow us to offer Mojo CBD oils at a much lower cost than conventional CBD products.


You can trust us.

But you don't have to, since all Mojo CBD oils are certified with the independent seal of quality of the Arge Canna. We choose this certification to guarantee you the highest purity and quality. The Arge Canna is a non-profit association that represents the interests of all people who benefit from cannabis as medicine.

Fullspectrum Cannabis Extract

Our product range is reduced to the essentials: CBD oil with 10% or 20% CBD, at the best price without compromise. Both variants are full spectrum extracts. The characteristic feature of such extracts is the use of the entire hemp plant when extracting the active ingredients. Such a whole extract contains cannabidiol as well as 100 other cannabinoids, genuine terpenes, and flavonoids.We have deliberately chosen organic hemp oil as the base for our CBD drops. This natural plant oil is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant and is rich in essential omega fatty acids.In this way, we combine the accumulated power of the cannabis plant in a single bottle. Well, that's kind of like magic after all.

We love our planet

As an Austrian company, we attach great importance to resource-saving production and regional processing. Therefore, Mojo CBD comes 100% from Austria. From the cultivation of the EU certified hemp plants, the extraction of the active ingredient all the way to the bottling, the entire manufacturing process takes place in Austria. The organic hemp oil used as a carrier oil for our cannabis extract is from Austrian farming as well, of course.