Mojo Chillows for a chill summer

Summer is here and it's going to be a good one! The days are brighter and hotter than ever. So what could be better than an XXL Chillow, filled with a high-quality foam core, a casual carrying strap, and colorfully printed with our Mojo mascots?

As some city kids from Vienna, we had the idea to give something back to our community. So instead of spending tons on expensive online or billboard advertising, we've decided to turn the tables. You are the ones we are here for. We prefer to invest our budget into you, our community, with a present that would help ease the heat and encourage you to chillax.

If you're out and about in Vienna in the next few days and weeks, you might be lucky enough to experience a  spectacular Mojo CBDance performance, where your Chillows will be given away for free.

Also, all Mojo Chillows will be available online soon!

Follow us on Instagram @vibewithmojo to find out when our next Chillow Drop takes place.