Does CBD help with social interaction?

The social potential of cannabidiol

Back to common ground

Have you been to parties, concerts or events lately? Have you noticed a certain lack of comfort while doing so?

The fear of infection with disease and the social need to distance ourselves has made us grow apart. It is not easy to get rid of that.

CBD is best known for easing fear. But it also makes us more outgoing, social beings. So does CBD pave the way back to togetherness, to relaxed togetherness?

MOJO checked out the facts for you.

CBD Encourages

Uncluttered and relaxed - who wouldn't want to be like that? Especially in the company of other, not-so-familiar people? In places where many are together in a closer space, it's easier to fall into mental tension and not be able to loosen up. If you are psychologically tense, you inevitably tense your muscles. CBD can alleviate both these problems.

CBD has shown antispasmodic properties many times. Unlike conventional drugs, it is harmless and has no side effects - and also has an anti-inflammatory impact on the nerves. CBD therefore relaxes nerves and muscles.

CBD Alleviates Anxiety

Social phobia refers to a compulsive tendency not to go out of the house and see people. Whether this compulsion arises from fears that people tell themselves they have, or whether they are delivered into the home via politics and the media, is irrelevant.

The evil effects of fear are making history right now. Hopefully CBD as a remedy against it is granted the same. There are a lot of indicators that CBD works well against anxiety problems - for example here, here, here and here.

CBD Calms Aggression

Incidentally, social isolation can also trigger violent aggression. CBD was tested against exactly such aggressiveness in a study on mice - with very good success. Social isolation, by the way, makes people sick. This should also be a reason to seek the company of others!

Become Prosocial!

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