CBD for animals

The medicinal plant and our beloved pets.

CBD also shows desirable effects in animals in many ways and is widely used as a nutritional supplement to stabilize well-being. The latest veterinary studies confirm this - and more.

CBD for pets is widely used today. More and more veterinarians recommend it, more and more pet owners swear by it. Numerous possible benefits are also confirmed by science. As a high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil without environmental toxins and pollutant content, MOJO CBD can also be used for animals without hesitation. CBD oils for humans and animals are practically no different from each other anyway.

CBD is well tolerated by animals

In May 2021, a placebo-controlled study established the safety of treating dogs with CBD in 20 healthy adult beagles. There were no adverse effects. Previously, a 2020 study showed that CBD was well tolerated by dogs, even with large increases in dosage.

CBD hemp is a top animal feed.

A July 2020 meta-study notes numerous desirable effects of CBD hemp as a feed for animals, including for veterinary purposes. According to the study, hemp seeds are an outstanding food for cows and livestock, enriching their milk with essential fatty acids. In dogs, CBD hemp improves symptoms of epilepsy. Pain relief from CBD drops is also an effect in animals that has been frequently noted in countless smaller studies. Find out more in this study on arthritis in dogs. Improving well-being with CBD in animals is becoming increasingly appreciated in the livestock and equine industries in general.

CBD for itching and eczema.

In 2021, a study showed that CBD reduced the frequency with which dogs scratched themselves, suggesting an anti-itching effect. In this study, treatment with CBD had no suppressive or stimulant effect on the animals' propensity to move, so it did not make them lazy or sleepy or hyperactive. CBD oil can also help very well with eczema and skin rashes as a skin oil for animals.

CBD against anxiety and stress

The anxiety-relieving effect of CBD on skittish animals is still controversial. While a study from 2021 describes relief of anxiety and depression in diabetic animals, no anxiety-relieving effect emerged in a study from 2020. It seems that trial and error is the better part of valor.

CBD against age complaints

Particularly age complaints of domestic animals deserve a treatment attempt with natural full-spectrum CBD.  In the CBD Reddit, for example, user Fromage_rolls writes: "I gave my cat CBD oil for humans without any problems. She was given the drops over the last two years of her life for epilepsy (she died at 21) and was completely seizure free during those two years. She was better in many ways thanks to the drops - more energy, mobility, less anxiety, no more constipation, and so on."

Dosage of CBD

It is best to dose CBD according to the weight of the animal: 2 to 25 milligrams of CBD per kilogram of body weight is recommended by the German doctor Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen for children. If you use MOJO CBD at 10% and your adult cat weighs three kilos, start with one drop (this contains about 4 to 5 mg of CBD) per feeding and you can increase this to 15 drops per feeding.