Cannabis for ADHD, PTSD & Yoga

Hemp calms, relaxes and comforts the mind. This has been scientifically proven. But is this a medical effect, useful for ADHD or PTSD? We have compiled the answers.

For years, the case studies of patients with post-traumatic stress and hyperactivity disorders helping themselves with cannabis have been growing in number. But the authorities still refuse to accept and pay for cannabis as a therapy for such pathological states of tension. Is this justified?

Chill factor for hyperactive people

The symptoms of ADHD can be very stressful. Affected people, often very young ones, are a constant source of irritation and stress for those around them. They communicate loudly and frantically, have exuberant emotional states and sometimes an unrestrained urge to move. Often they are also aggressive to the point of violence.

Psychotropic drugs, mostly so-called "downers", are common as treatment. Most of them have dangerous side effects, which would be omitted with cannabis.

There is a lot of evidence that cannabis can help well against ADHD - an overview is offered by the Cannabis Medic Forum.

The Association of German Cannabis Patients e. V. (BDCan) and the Association of Cannabis Supplying Pharmacies (VCA) now want to substantiate this scientifically together. They call for participation in a study, in which you can take part here

Trauma-Therapie mit Cannabis

A second psychiatric area in which cannabis repeatedly comes into play as a treatment option is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The cause of this disease is always an extremely frightening, disturbing and negatively influencing, traumatizing experience.

PTSD is very common in soldiers who return from war situations and are scarred for life by violence and the insanity of war. Victims of abuse also often suffer from PTSD. Those affected experience nightmares and panic attacks, often isolate themselves socially, and exhibit behavioral problems. A normal life is in many cases hardly possible.

The good effect of cannabis on PTSD has been researched in depth several times. A study from 2020 showed that cannabis halves the PTSD symptoms. Here, too, the Cannabis Medic Forum offers a lot of information.

In the USA, a first government-funded study on PTSD and cannabis is now underway.

Yoga, Meditation – and Cannabis

As with almost all diseases, the use of autogenic training or meditation is recommended for ADHD and PTSD, along with a healthy dose of physical exercise.

Especially for nervous disorders, yoga is even recommended by many doctors - it can be practiced gently or dynamically, depending on need and ability, it covers every area of the body and has a lasting restorative effect on the psyche.

Interestingly, cannabis is also well worth considering as an option for yoga practice, which in its serious forms always includes meditative concentration exercises. So says a new book by Christopher S. Kilham: The Lotus and The Bud was published in English earlier this year by Park Street.